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A Frederick County arrest warrant search will get you information on more than just the detention directives issued against a person. If you were to take your inquiry to the office of the county clerk, you will be given access to their court records database. The court dockets in this repository are maintained for the criminal as well as civil tribunals of MD.

So your inquiry can take on a whole new dimension as the results will yield information on insurance cases, matters pending in family courts and even trivial traffic transgressions that ended in a case or penalty. On the same lines, if you were to approach the police in your search for active warrants from Frederick County, you could simply glance around the office of the sheriff and find details about criminals on the loose.

The most wanted list will be posted on the walls of every police precinct, so accessing this data is just a matter of visiting the agency office. For a low down on the release of other judicial provisions against the subject like bench warrants, summons subpoenas, etc, you could try the office of the magistrate.

After all, it is the court that releases all these legal instruments. Also, the judge’s office will be notified of arrests by the return of warrants that have been served. So, all three agencies will have details on arrest records, outstanding warrants, detention directive that have been executed and other crime data. To approach these state departments, drive down to:

  • The sheriff’s: 110 Airport Drive East, Frederick, Maryland 21701
  • The magistrate’s: 100 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701
  • The county clerk’s: 100 West Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701

The sheriff’s department of Frederick County, MD receives nearly 3500 complaints every year. Of these cases, the majority are filed in matters pertaining to property crimes like theft and robbery. However, nearly 15% of the complaints are lodged against violent crimes. Unfortunately, the police have not been able to do much to control the increasing crimes figures of the area.