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A Wicomico County arrest warrant search can be done quite easily if you are willing to visit one or more state agencies. The office of the sheriff helps civilians who are interested in looking for details on outstanding warrants issued locally. However, you may not get information on all arrest warrants released in the state of MD through this agency.

The same also holds true for the office of the magistrate and the county clerk. Both these branches of the judiciary serve Wicomico County, so they will only offer details on criminal matters that occurred within this particular geographical division of the state. As opposed to this, if you were to take your inquiry to a private agency, you would get results on active warrants and arrests from all across the nation.

To connect with a third party establishment, simply fill the form you see on top of this page. If you prefer to go through a state agency, you can use the contact details given below.

The police: 401 Naylor Mill Rd, Salisbury, Maryland 21801

The county clerk: P.O. Box 198, Salisbury, Maryland 21801

The court of the magistrate: 101 N Division St, Salisbury, MD 21801

A thumb rule to follow when looking for outstanding warrants in Wicomico County through these departments is that the police will always be the right choice for all inquiries that are exclusively criminal in nature. In fact, the police also offer the most wanted list on the sheriff’s website at http://www.delmarvalife.com/most-wanted/. Of course, this is not to day that the office of the clerk of court and the magistrate won’t be able to offer your details on arrest records and warrants.

Along with crime history data, the office of the clerk of court, which keeps the court dockets database, will also be able to furnish details on any civil matters that have been initiated by or against the subject. On the same note, the office of the magistrate, which issues all judicial directives including active warrants, will be able to provide details on other such orders as well like bench warrants.

From 1999 onwards, every year nearly 3400 crimes were reported to the local police. Of these incidents, nearly 20% were violent and over half of them transpired no more than a mile away from the victim’s home or office.