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It is possible to get an arrest warrant search in Calvert County done through no less than three government departments. While the Federal Bureau of Investigations is also kept in the loop about the release of all active warrants in MD, their central crime database is out of bounds for civilians. So, for your inquiry, you will need to go to:

The sheriff’s department: This office has details on all criminal occurrences in the area and how they were dealt with including the issue of any arrest warrants in the matter, detentions, charges brought against the accused, the verdict and sentencing. In fact, you could also find details on inmates currently doing time in state facilities through this agency and the state DOC.

Apart from this, the police also provide another handy set of information in the form of the most wanted list. To get in touch with the sheriff’s office, you will have to go to 30 Church Street, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678.

The magistrate’s court: Information on all outstanding warrants from Calvert County is first kept by the magistrate’s office as this agency is in charge of releasing all legal provisions. Also, the magistrate’s office has to be notified when arrests occur under warrants. This is done by sending the original order, which was handed over to the police at the time of issue, back to the magistrate’s court. To connect with the office of the circuit judge, you will need to visit 175 Main St, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.

The county clerk’s office: The office of the clerk of court does not play a direct role in the issue of arrest warrants from Calvert County., Yet, this office is an all important source of information on all legal cases because they are the keepers of the court dockets database. In this repository are court records from the civil and criminal tribunals. So, you can also find information on civil cases in the name of your subject through this source. To visit the county clerk’s department, go to 175 Main Street, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678.

Calvert County, MD is one of the low crime neighborhoods in the state with less than 1500 crimes being reported in the area each year. However, this is set to change if nothing is done about the 50% plus increase seen in the rate of violent crime and the spurt of nearly 40% in the rates of reported criminal incidents.