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A Maryland active warrant is a legal order that is issued by the court which commands the arrest of a person accused in a criminal matter. Make no mistake; although arrest warrants come from local criminal tribunals, the police have a big hand in the process. The sheriff’s office submits the affidavit that offers information to the magistrate on what exactly transpired and how the accused is to be blamed for the crime.

To acquire an arrest warrant, the police need to show that the evidence they have is enough to convince just about anybody of the involvement of an accused in the said criminal act. The magistrate will not just consider the circumstantial and other evidence put before the bench in the form of the police petition but will also give witnesses the opportunity to present their version of the story.

However, the latter is only called for when the evidence offered through the writ is inadequate for establishing reasonable cause. Testimonies have to be offered under oath and transcribed for them to be used as the basis for the issue of MD active warrants. Arrest directives once granted stay in effect till such time that the offender is apprehended. At this point, the original order is returned to the issuing entity.

How are Maryland active warrants used by law enforcement agents?

There are several advantages for police officers who are working under the provision of an arrest warrant. For one, no area within the county or to that matter the state of Maryland is inaccessible to these law enforcement personnel. In fact, even private properties can be accessed if they have a search warrant backing the arrest order.

Of course, if cops need to enter the home or the office of an accused to effect his detention, there is no need for a search order. However, one will be needed if the culprit is hiding in a property owned by a third party. Additionally, police officers can apprehend an accused at any time and even chase an offender outside the geographical limits of the state or the county if they are acting under a warrant.

How to look for information on Maryland active warrants and arrest records?

The MD judiciary allows civilians to launch warrant searches through their website. Information is offered on cases tried in the district as well as the circuit courts. You can also approach the office of the county clerk in person to look through the court dockets database managed by the agency.

To launch the search online, go to; click on ‘case search’ and agree to the terms. You will be allowed to use the case number or the name of the litigant to look for records. You can find details on civil as well as criminal cases through this system.

If an online search does not work for you, it is possible to visit administrative office of the state judiciary to find these records. The agency works out of the Maryland Judicial Center, 580 Taylor Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401 and you can call them on 410-260-1400. Another way to find details on the outstanding warrants from MD is to check out the websites of some of the police departments in the state.

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