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  • Federal agencies help Baltimore to fight crime!

    The recent spate of crimes in Baltimore has shocked the police and residents alike, with as many as 10 cases of homicide reported in a single day. The crime ridden city has long battled growing instances of violent crime but the unprecedented surge in gang wars finally led the local police to acknowledge that they are short handed and needed assistance from other law enforcement agencies.

  • Sheriff Bothered by Federal Program Setting Illegal Immigrants Free

    Chuck Jenkins, Sheriff of Frederick County in Maryland, is aiming to get undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes out of his community, but his efforts, he says, are being stymied by policies from the current administration as well as groups advocating for immigrant rights. A federal program designed to equip local law enforcement agencies to aid in immigration enforcement has been releasing some of the people his deputies have been arresting.

  • Expiring Laws Have Troubling Consequences

    New laws often change the legal landscape, indeed, in most cases that is the intent. However, as laws are often written with lifespans instead of being open-ended, sometimes the permitted fading of a law can have even greater impact on legal affairs. Two laws in Maryland are expiring this year and they have some people worried.

  • Maryland Agencies Discuss Ways to Adjust their Drug War Strategy

    Officials in Maryland organized a symposium for the various state jurisdictions to discuss the different ways they are trying to combat drug abuse and crimes related to it. Many feel that arresting and incarcerating offenders is not, by itself, enough to handle the growing problem of addiction and the crimes that surround it