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The Maryland Department of Public safety keeps crime history data in the state. To perform this vital function, a special division has been incorporated within the department that performs various tasks associated with the gathering, storing and dissemination of this data.

Information Technology and Communications Division

The ITCD works as a liaison between the department and criminal as well as non justice agencies that are interested in crime history records. This division serves authorized users, federal and state justice agencies and civilian applicants. The ITCD host two programs:

The Criminal Justice Information System: The CJIS serves as a central repository for all crime related data including information on the issue of Maryland active warrants, arrest records and more. The CJIS maintains the fingerprint supported criminal identification database for the state and all related crime history information. This is the branch of the state DPS that has to be approached for arrest warrant inquiries as well as record expungements.

The Public Safety Data Center: This is the sub division that offers operational support for various state department information systems. It also works as a networking interface between state, local and national agencies. It offers the technical knowhow required to develop and maintain various criminal and management information systems.

The ITDC also maintains the state’s sex offender registry at To connect with the department, you can go to:

Information Technology and Communications Division6776 Reisterstown Road,Suite 209Baltimore, MD 21215

For conducting an inquiry into MD outstanding warrants and arrest records through the CJIS, you can write to or go to:Criminal Justice Information System Reisterstown Road,Suite 102Baltimore, MD 21215

ORP.O. Box 32708, Pikesville, MD 21282-2708

Getting information on criminal history through the Department of Public Safety

Maryland is a closed record state which means not everybody can get unhindered access to crime history data. However, the laws of the land does allow for the dissemination of criminal data to certain statutorily authorized entities along with government departments working at the state and federal level. The category of authorized employers and state entities includes:

  • Adult care
  • Child care
  • Criminal justice agencies
  • Taxi services
  • Public housing
  • State racing commission
  • State and federal criminal justice agencies
  • Licensing departments
  • Attorneys

If you are legislatively authorized to access information on Maryland outstanding warrants and arrest records but have not tried launching a search, you will need to start by filling out the general registration form. However, if you are a civilian applicant or represent a private agency that does not fall in the authorized list of employers, you will need to use the party petition packet offered on the website of the DPS and offer a description of the business and purpose for requesting crime history data.

Details on Maryland arrest warrants are only offered in response to fingerprint based searches; you can get yourself fingerprinted from private agencies that offer these services. Subsequently, the fingerprint cards will directly be submitted to the Department of Public safety. Alternatively, you can send this information to the addresses listed above. Maryland crime history checks are charged at $18 and if you need a Gold Seal Letter for adoption purposes, this will cost you $19.

Attorneys can request information on arrest records from the state for a fee of $18; however, they may be charged more if the data pertains to ongoing criminal trials. These charges are exclusive of fingerprinting costs which will set you back by an additional $20. Typically, it takes 10 to 15 business days to receive a response from the agency.