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Before you launch an arrest warrant search in Caroline County, it would help to know a few basic things about active warrants and their peculiarities. Arrest warrants from MD come with the lure of almost unlimited powers for arresting officers and this is one of the reasons why the sheriff’s department is willing to put in the additional effort needed to procure these orders.

For instance, when acting under the provisions of arrest warrants from Caroline County, peace officers can walk into any property be it privately owned or publicly held. In fact, even homes and offices of third parties are not off limits. Also, arrests with warrants can take place in areas outside the county and the state to that matter.

Add to this the fact that these detentions can be effected at any time and it is easy to understand why warrant are always welcome. In order to get a warrant sanctioned, the police have to go to court. The magistrate is apprised of the evidence available and why the offender is being held culpable for the said act. If the judge is convinced by the proof presented, an arrest order will be released.

Pending detention directives are known as outstanding warrants and information on these is relayed to multiple agencies. The judiciary including the office of the county clerk comes to know of an order that has yet to be executed when the warrant is not returned to the office of the sitting judge.

This is the rule pertaining to the service of warrants, all orders that have been executed are to be sent to the judiciary so, arrest records can be maintained by all justice agencies. To find this data through a state agency, you can write to or walk into the office of:

  • The Police: 101 Gay St, Denton, Maryland 21629
  • The court: 207 S 3rd St, Denton, MD 21629
  • The clerk of court: Po Box 458, Denton, Maryland 21629

Caroline County, Maryland enjoys a firm position in the list of the state’s geographical divisions with the lowest crime rates owing to its annual incident average of less than 900. However, the lower than normal crime average seems to have failed to impact the figures of violent criminal acts which stands at 11% of the annual number.