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You can easily conduct an arrest warrants search in Carroll County, MD through the local judiciary or the police. The sheriff’s office is more than willing to part with crime history data in the interest of community safety. The judiciary holds a similar position when it comes to dissemination of details pertaining to active warrants and arrest records.

While the office of the sheriff, the department of the county clerk and the court of the magistrate will all entertain your request for information on outstanding warrants, the report that you get will vary a bit. For instance, the police will return details on arrests, warrant issues, charges filed, conviction, sentencing and incarceration in response to a warrant search.

The office of the magistrate will be able to provide all this data and additionally also offer insight on other legal provisions used against the subject, be they bench warrants or criminal summons. In fact, an attorney working on a case could even get details on search orders, subpoenas and more from the court.

The county clerk’s office has its own specialties, so to speak. The deputies of this department maintain the court dockets database. This is a repository which is considered central to all case and court records. An accumulation of case facts from the civil and criminal judicial network, this database holds an extensive amount of information on all legal matters. So, if you were to scour through it, you can expect a significant amount of data. To get in touch with these agencies, you can go to:

  • The police: 100 N Court St, Westminster, Maryland 21157
  • The county clerk: 55 North Court Street, Room G-8, Westminster, Maryland 21157
  • The court of the magistrate: 101 N Court St, Westminster, MD 21157
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Despite being the area that has the lowest crime rate in the state, with less than 1500 crime reports filed each year, Carroll County, Maryland has been logging in a significant growth of almost 80% in the figures of overall and violent crime. A rapid rise in crime numbers was seen from 2002 onwards.