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Arrests occur in two ways, either the officer observes the person violating the law or the officer’s suspicion accompanied by probable cause gives a judge reason to issue an arrest warrant.Probable cause is evidence that would lead a reasonable person to believe that the suspect has committed a crime.Arrest warrants issued in Montgomery County, Maryland are no different.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has an active warrant against them in Maryland, here are some ways that you can check.The Maryland Judiciary Case Search an easy way to look for outstanding warrants against anyone by just entering some basic information.If you are concerned specifically about a warrant in Montgomery County, MD, calling the police department at 240-773-5360 will allow them to conduct a warrant search.

A police officer serves the warrant by knocking on the door of the suspect’s last known residence and then taking the individual into custody.The officer must read the arrestee their Miranda rights as mandated by the Fourth Amendment.If the officer suspects the subject may be armed, they may enter the residence without knocking.Prior arrest records or details of the current suspected crime, may give the officer insight into what they may be facing.

An arrest warrant that goes unresolved for 30 days will result in the inability to renew your driver’s license or motor vehicle registration.To turn yourself in, you must make an appointment by calling the police department at the number listed above.

In Maryland as a whole, the crime rate has decreased by 9%, however, in Montgomery County; the crime rate has almost doubled since 1999.Most of the sharp increase occurred in 2004 due to an unknown reason.Even with the sharp increase, Montgomery County’s crime rate is relatively low, accounting for less than 20% of Maryland’s total crime rate.Less than 8% of the total crime statics are attributed to violent crime.