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The county clerk’s office can offer details in response to a Worcester County arrest warrant search request. The MD court dockets database maintained by this department has case records from all matters initiated in the tribunals of the area, whether criminal or civil. However, it will help to understand here that a specific clerk serves the courts at a certain level.

For instance, the superior courts are served by the clerk that handles matters heard by these tribunals; in contrast, the district courts dockets are kept by the office of the district court clerk. So, you will need to know a bit more about the arrest warrant before you launch an inquiry through this department.

Worcester County active warrants released in criminal matters will usually come from the district or municipal court. In contrast, petty crimes and civil litigations are handled by superior courts. Ideally, it would help to visit the office of the county clerk at Court House Rm. 104, Snow Hill, Maryland 21863.

You could also take your inquiry to the office of the magistrate. This agency works out of 1 W Market St, Snow Hill, MD 21863. They handle searches pertaining to the issue of all legal instrument including bench warrants, summons, outstanding warrants and the like. Of course, the court of the magistrate will also be able to offer details on arrest records from Worcester County.

Finally, the office of the sheriff is possibly the most popular department when it comes to warrant searches and understandably so. After all, it is the police who make arrests both with and without warrants, detain the accused till he can be taken to court and process criminal matters. To connect with the police, you can go to 1 West Market Street Room 1001, Snow Hill, Maryland 21863.

Since 2006, there was a steady decline in the crime rates of Worcester County, MD, with violent crime averages dipping by nearly 40%. However, a similar decrease was not seen in the figures of reported criminal incidents which actually went up by almost 20%. Overall, almost 2300 criminal cases were filed with the local police on an annual basis.