Baltimore Jail Still a Hotbed of Corruption

Baltimore Jail Still a Hotbed of Corruption Says Corrections Secretary!

Despite the 40 convictions that smashed the terrifying reign of the Black Guerilla Family over the Baltimore Jail, the newly appointed Corrections Secretary believes that they have only managed to scratch the surface when it comes to controlling corruption at the state run correctional center.
The shocking part of the scandal was that over 24 correctional officers were participants in the nefarious activities that included the smuggling of contraband into the sprawling incarceration facility. Correctional experts concur with Stephen Moyer and are of the opinion that it would be years before the facility is completely clean of corruptions.

The syndicate was exposed when a startling revelation was made that the ringleader of the Black Guerilla Family, Tavon White, may have impregnated 4 correctional officers. This led to a joint operation between the FBI and Correctional authorities that involved the tapping of phones which had been smuggled into the prison.

The discoveries made were stunning as White was caught on record claiming to be at the top of the crime chain. The communication devices were used to keep the criminal activities of the gang fledging on the outside. White was the first to sing as the scandal was brought into the open.
While the corrections system has managed to gain some semblance of control over the facility, their work is far from over as correctional officers continue to be caught red handed trying to smuggle contraband into the facility.