Federal agencies help Baltimore to fight crime!

The recent spate of crimes in Baltimore has shocked the police and residents alike, with as many as 10 cases of homicide reported in a single day. The crime ridden city has long battled growing instances of violent crime but the unprecedented surge in gang wars finally led the local police to acknowledge that they are short handed and needed assistance from other law enforcement agencies.

The Mayor, Interim Police Commissioner and a local Senator from Baltimore City announced the formation of the BFED Task Force. The team is an initiative towards combining federal and local resources to clamp down violent offenses that are being perpetrated by repeat offenders. It will comprise of agents from the ATF, FBI, US Marshalls, DEA and the Secret Service.

In keeping with this plan, the ATF has already sent 20 special agents to the city. Moreover, each of these agencies will post 2 full time special agents in Baltimore. Commissioner Keith Davis clarified that the police and city administration are well aware of violent criminals who repeatedly commit gruesome murders and are involved in dozens of physical assault cases.

Legislators, federal agencies, local law enforcement and the judiciary have all come together in a bid to ensure that those who commit these crimes are made to pay for their acts and to prevent the occurrence of these crimes. Authorities are urging residents to help them by coming forward with any information they may have on gang members and their activities, which will help to thwart the attempts of these criminal elements to hijack the city.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, as a Baltimore native and a person who lost his nephew to gang violence, clarified that the latest initiatives are meant to make the city a safer place for all residents. As such, any arrests made should not be seen as an attempt to target African Americans or any other minority.